What to expect

When you visit Moira for the first time a full case history will be taken, including current symptoms as well as past and present medical history.

Through training and experience, I have acquired a highly tuned sense of palpation and observation, which help me formulate a diagnosis. The examination involves using my hands to examine the muscles, ligament and tendons and mobility of joints, as well as watching you move. As it is essential to observe how the spine, muscles and joints work together during movement, patients will need to remove some items of clothing during the examination.

Treatment involves a combination of soft tissue massage and stretching, joint manipulation, cranial osteopathy, trigger point acupuncture as well as advice on exercise, posture and nutritional influences.

All treatment modalities will be discussed in detail with the patient first.

Your first visit will consist of a consultation and treatment which will last 45 mins, thereafter treatments will last 45 minutes.