Pain during pregancy

Pain during pregnancy affects over 50% of women.  Low back, mid back and pelvic pain are common symptoms in pregnancy and can start as early as the first trimester.

Pregnancy should be a time of excitement and well-being.  Unfortunately for many women it is marred by constant pain. The reasons are poorly understood, however, mechanical changes and the hormone Relaxin have been shown to be of influence.  The levels of Relaxin are 10 times higher during pregnancy than at any other time.  Released during the first trimester and 6 weeks before birth, its purpose is to relax the ligaments.  Mechanical changes also occur to accommodate the changes in weight and pelvic position at different stages of pregnancy.

The common perception is that all women will experience pain at some stage of pregnancy and therefore expected to tolerate it.  However, Osteopathy can help to reduce the pain and make pregnancy more enjoyable.  More importantly, treatment prepares the body for the increased physical demands of new motherhood.